what's this project about!

hello and welcome to my strong and smart page. i'll explain what i'm doing now. Thanks.

let's look at this image

what's this image showing us?

and various others. i want my project to focus on that.
i'd like to make a loose chamber sequence of navigable webpages using an old net feel to carry across the air of investigating someone's sickness, compulsion, and healing.
mostly mine.
it's my healing and compulsion and whathaveyou.

eat me!

my inspos are julia scher and i'm- that's literally it. i'm winging it. bye!


Much of my process involved photoshop editing, coding help that never worked, and
journaling as much as possible. I did a lot of work in the Max Console, with a program called
Touch Designer and Photoshop.

some light visual and informational inspiration